Parent Testimonials

“I am so very, very overjoyed that The Spanish Academy exists and that you all generate such creative, fun and quality education paired with perfectly caring and nurturing staff. I would not feel more comfortable leaving my children with anyone else. That is a tremendous blessing and I am so grateful to you all for it. I am a raving fan of EVERYTHING that I have seen from your programs at East Cobb and now Suwanee. I wish that I could tell each one of the parents at the Buckhead location that they are going to adore Sra. Veronica, and the whole world about how delighted I am with the school, so please pass along the praise as you please!”


The Kennedy Family

I have attempted to write this message for over a month.  Every time I begin, the tears overwhelm my eyes and cannot bring courage to carry on.  I want to thank you, all the directors, and every teacher for giving my kids a gift I could never provide for them.  When we moved to Atlanta and began looking for schools, my goal was to find a school that could provide a way for them to learn how to communicate with their abuela y abuelo and have a connection with my husband, their dad’s, heritage and stories.  I still remember touring the Emory campus and all the parents on the tour asking all about the academics.  I also remember the answer the director gave, “We want them to love Spanish and kids develop at their own pace and we try to meet them where they are.  We want them to have fun.”  While I am positive this was not the answer those particular parents wanted to hear, it was the perfect answer for me.  My twenty plus years of working in child development (although much different field); that was what I wanted for my children.  There are lots of ways to become book smart; but only a short time to teach a child to love, care, play, and be themselves.  I do not remember much from orientation (I had just given birth to Nico); but I remembered being volunteered to be room parent.  I think Nancy and Rozanna saw a sleep deprived non-Spanish speaking mom and thought, sure she can do it.  I am so happy that they volunteered me.  I failed a lot that year, but learned so much.  I also remember the first time someone brought Grace to my car who I never met and she and Grace shared a sweet exchange, she then told me something very specific about Grace and my heart melted.  She knew my child, and she loves my child.  As a first-time mom, all of my questioning, uneasiness and doubt subsided.  Then we switched to the Buckhead campus; and I could not believe the amount of amazing teachers that are here as well.  They put up a with the craziness of my questions, concerns, potty training, throwing shoes, not listening, tantrums, and be told they are sooo dramatic. And each time, they came with love and support.  I truly love each one of your teachers even the ones I never had the opportunity to have but have learned about through car pool, stories, zoom videos, and events.   I am so grateful that my kids are able to speak with their Cuban family easily.  I also appreciated Grace’s observation in our last Miami trip: “Mom people in Miami do not speak Spanish well.  They mix it with English.   Do they not understand you are not supposed to do that?”  Alex and I had a laugh and explained Spanglish to her.   I know the last couple of years have not gone as planned; but I am so grateful for the enthusiasm and energy of the teachers to teach during difficult times.  I appreciate all that you have done for us.  Although we will still be in the after-school program; missing all the day to day contact makes my heart sad.

Thank you for giving my children the best gift a mom could ever ask for!

The Schmieder Family

So excited to be back next fall for our 5th year at TSA.

We cannot thank you enough for your amazing school and staff and the incredible experience you have given our girls. You are shaping the people they will become, and we could not imagine entrusting their early learning and development with anyone else.

We love TSA!


The Leet Family
Thank you so much for starting this beautiful school so that our next generation can continue our language and customs. You and the school have been a huge blessing to our family. I will never be able to properly express how thankful we are for the experience, your love, and your attention. You have made a difference in my son’s life forever. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Skinners

With four young children, our family has experienced a variety of preschools. It wasn’t until we enrolled our third child at The Spanish Academy that we felt like we’d found the perfect fit. The Spanish Academy truly grows the whole child—heart, mind and body. From the nurturing staff to the well-rounded curriculum and the reliable communication, hands down, TSA is the best preschool in metro Atlanta. This is a school run by smart professionals who are also dedicated mothers, which means your family is in the best of hands. You can see the hallmarks of a successful school in the engaged parent community—everybody’s happy!—and in the results, children eager to go to school and learn in another language. My daughter made a smooth transition from TSA to one of Atlanta’s top private schools, where she continues to thrive in both her English and her Spanish classes. She fondly prepared her younger brother for his start at TSA this year, and we are amazed by how much he’s already learned having just turned three. My only wish is that I’d found TSA sooner for my two other children!

The Millers

It’s hard to put in to words what The Spanish Academy has meant to my family. As the daughter of a Cuban refugee, it is important that my children speak Spanish, and TSA immersion preschool has helped us preserve our Spanish heritage and culture.  From the first day we toured I knew it was the perfect school. Since that day, 5 years ago, all three of our children have attended, and thrived; from the 2’s class all the way up to kindergarten. I remember being very impressed to find my kindergartner reading to his siblings in both English and Spanish by mid year! The love and attention they receive is unparalleled, the education superb, and their grasp of the Spanish language impressive. From the teachers and administrative staff to the parents and other students, the community is one you will fall in love with. We have made lifelong friends and memories we will forever cherish. You will not find a more nurturing immersion environment for young children in all of Atlanta.

The Hamby Family

The only regret that I have about the Spanish Academy is that I did not know about it sooner!  My oldest daughter was already in kindergarten by the time I discovered it and so she has only been to their summer camps (which she loved).  I have had the pleasure of having three children go to TSA, however, and each and every year I am amazed at how wonderful the teachers are and what a loving and nurturing environment TSA is.  It is so evident that the staff all love each other, love the kids, and believe in the mission of the school.  They never tire at creating the ideal environment for the kids to learn the preschool skills they need, all while doing it in a foreign language!  Their patience and enthusiasm is unparalleled.  I cannot recommend this school enough!

The McCune Family

My daughter has been attending the Spanish Academy in Buckhead for 3 years. I could never have imagined how happy we would be at this small and intimate school. The teachers and the director are some of the warmest women I have ever met and they treat everyone like family. I love the hands-on learning and the academic progress. My daughter has learned MORE at the Spanish Academy than my other children learned in “regular preschool” plus she is learning Spanish! I’m amazed that she is actually speaking and understanding Spanish at such a young age! Seriously, the Spanish Academy is the best!

The Paulowsky Family
My daughter just completed her first week of Spanish camp and she had the BEST time! The teachers were incredibly sweet, the curriculum was very structured and the overall organization was very impressive. My daughter would pop out of bed every morning and scream, “It’s time for Spanish camp!” As parents, it makes us so happy to see her in a fun, loving and educational environment. We’ve been so impressed with the camp that we have enrolled her in the Spanish school this fall. Kudos to the teachers and director for putting together such a neat program!
The Jaax Family
My son has had another wonderful year. You guys do such a wonder job! His language had grown so much. I can not wait for my two year old to start next year. Thanks for everything.
The Osabas
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we have been with the Spanish Academy this year. It was a year ago that I was searching for the perfect preschool for Shyla and late one night I found the Spanish Academy on the internet. It really sounded too good to be true, as it sounded exactly like what I was looking for. We made the appointment for a tour and I was so impressed with the nurturing learning environment.

I can say that every day this year, as soon as Shyla realized it was a school day, she couldn’t wait to get dressed and get her “bag” and get out the door to school. I was really amazed that she took to school so quickly and never had any hesitations about going. I know that a big part of that is the staff at your school. No matter who got Shyla out of the car in the morning they greeted her so upbeat and knew her name, all things that would make someone feel welcomed and happy. She absolutely fell in love with Senora Veronica! I can’t tell you how many times over past months I have heard…”I love Veronica” ….when she goes through the list of people close to her that she loves she always includes her.

So I am a little sad, ok a lot sad, to see this year come to an end but I am so thankful of how special you both, especially Senora Veronica, have made this year for Shyla and our whole family. We are excited to begin again in the fall and will certainly miss you all over the summer!

Peace, love and lots of fun for you and your families this summer!

The Harter Family, Suwanee Location
Thank you again for three wonderful years! Gil and I respect and admire you so very much…as a parent, as a business person and as the director of our children’s school.

One never really gets a true sense of just how ‘crazy’ this crazy old planet can be — until you have kids! And there are no words for how much it means to find a place like The Spanish Academy for our kids, especially in those early years, when they truly are still our ‘babies’ ~So thank you for creating that!

Yourself, your teachers and the whole of the Spanish Academy was truly one of the BEST parts of our time in Atlanta, so thank you. We will miss our Spanish Academy family very much, but we are very grateful for the experiences and fun we’ve shared, and will take those memories with us always. Thank you again! Have a wonderful summer and we promise to send post cards!

The Gibson Family, Suwanee Location
All three of our children started at the Spanish Academy at the age of 2. I’m proud to say that two have graduated, and we’re excited to watch our third do the same. Not only has their Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation exceeded my expectation as a parent, but they have also exceeded their grade level standards. All of their teachers have become like family to us, and I can’t say enough about each and every one of them. The Spanish Academy has helped us build a priceless learning foundation for our children.
The Hodges
Having just completed their second year I can say without a doubt that sending our children to TSA was the best decision we could have made for their early childhood education. The teachers are FABULOUS. We are confident our daughters are cared for in a loving and affectionate environment. They have learned not only to respect and follow directions from other adults but also to interact and build friendships with their peers. In addition to learning Spanish, they are academically leaps and bounds ahead of their peers at other schools. Most importantly, our children love to go to school, which is a testament to where they spend their days. We could not be more pleased and have signed them up for their 3rd year.
The Bacharachs
I want to thank you so much for the wonderful learning environment you have provided at The Spanish Academy. Everything has been perfect. It was difficult for me to be separated from my child, but seeing how much he enjoyed attending classes and learning, made the transaction smoother. I am so grateful that you had a kindergarten class this year, I just wish you could have added first grade! My son is so sad to have to go to another school, as he puts it, he wanted to go to The Spanish Academy until he started College. He is looking forward to attending after school classed next fall. We have loved being apart of the Spanish Academy family.
The Monks