Frequently Asked Questions

Will learning a second language will interfere with the child’s ability to learn English?2016-04-28T18:18:42-04:00

No.  All research concludes that learning multiple languages  does not interfere and “in most cases, learning another language enhances a child’s English ability. Children can learn much about English by learning the structure of other languages. Common vocabulary also helps children learn the meaning of new words in English.” ERIC, Education Resources Information Center

Do you teach Spanish?2018-10-18T12:04:22-04:00

We are fond of saying that we teach “in” Spanish.  The content, objectives and curriculum are similar to most traditional preschools yet in our case the language being spoken is Spanish.  Thus, the children acquire the language the same way they are learning their native language – through hands on activities and conversation.   Two plus two in any language is the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child’s birthday falls after September 1st?2018-10-18T12:04:47-04:00

The birthday cutoff for the State of Georgia is September 1st, and we will place your child based on this same criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the students transition into traditional programs after they exit TSA?2018-10-18T12:03:33-04:00

Students from TSA transition into traditional programs just as they would if they came from any preschool because they are taught the same, if not more, content due to a low student to teachers ratio and differentiated instruction.    In an immersion classroom, traditional content (math, science, reading, etc.) is taught in the target language (Spanish).  Spanish is not the content of instruction, but rather the language of instruction.  The children will transfer the content into whatever other language they speak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you change diapers for the 2 year olds?2018-10-18T12:07:58-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, we get this question often!  Yes.  Of course!  Diapers are provided by families for each child.

Do you provide lunch or snacks?2018-10-18T12:08:29-04:00

For our 2’s and 3’s year olds, we organize a shared snack program.  Each child will be responsible for bringing snack for the whole class for a particular week.  All children staying for our Lunch and Learn program will provide their own lunch.  No snack is needed for Pre-K or Kindergarten.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer siblings discounts?2018-10-18T12:10:57-04:00

We offer 5% discount on 2nd and subsequent siblings.

What is your school year calendar? Are you year round?2018-10-18T12:19:15-04:00

We are not a year round school. School starts just prior to Labor Day and our last day is usually in mid-May. We follow the school district’s holiday calendar. Throughout the summer months of June and July we also offer weeks of summer camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financial aid?2018-10-18T12:20:48-04:00

Discretionary aid is offered to those who ask are are willing to provide their previous two years of tax returns for evaluation and comparison to others who are requesting the same.

Do you offer afterschool care?2018-10-18T12:40:10-04:00

While we do not offer after school care, there are after school actives available offered by approved vendors. Some options include ballet, art, golf, Playball and others. These after school activities usually end at 1:45pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can parents get involved in the school?2018-10-18T12:40:41-04:00

We love to have parents around!  We have many opportunities for parents to get involved. Parents can sign up to volunteer in different areas, including special holiday events, in classroom participation or office help. Parents can volunteer as much as their time and energy allow. We welcome parental involvement – especially ones that make cookies 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to know Spanish to be an effective Parent?2018-10-18T12:41:20-04:00

Perhaps the most damaging myth, parents do not have to be native speakers or know the foreign language to teach it to their children. There are many ways to increase children’s exposure to a foreign language; bilingual television, songs, bilingual preschool, books, movies, bilingual toys & computer games, and playgroups with children who speak the foreign language.

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