The Advantages of Learning a Second Language

The advantages of learning a second language are many and varied. Here’s our top ten.

More Powerful Brains

New studies on brain development indicate that early exposure to more than one language builds more powerful brains,
with better and faster synaptic connections.

Read Faster

Children who have been exposed to a foreign language early often learn to read faster and with greater ease because they are able to recognize the relationship between letters and their sounds without the help of visual objects. Exposure to a second language clearly benefits children’s reading abilities.
American Psychological Association May 1997

Better Problem Solving Abilities

Children who learn a second language typically have better problem solving abilities, better reasoning skills, and are more creative.
Education Resources Information Center, ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages & Linguistics

Better Test Scores

Children with bilingual skills outperform similar monolingual children on both verbal and non-verbal tests of intelligence and typically, have higher SAT or standardized test scores.

Enhances Cognitive Development

Bilingual children have better cognitive skills than children who have not been exposed to a second language.

Greater Understanding & Appreciation of Native Tongue

The more a child learns in a foreign language, the more they understand their native tongue. When children learn concepts in a new language it reinforces what they have already learned in their own language. Learning a new language promotes a natural curiosity of the native tongue.

Higher Levels of Self Confidence

Children who have learned a foreign language have higher levels of self-confidence.

Native Pronunciation

Children have the ability to learn to speak foreign languages with native pronunciation because they are able to hear and reproduce slight differences in tone and sound unlike adults.

Cultural Appreciation

Exposing children to a second language not only gives them the ability to communicate with more people but also teaches them to appreciate and respect other cultures and people that are different from themselves.

Competitive Advantage

Knowing a second language also gives people a competitive advantage in college and the workforce.