Immersion Preschool

The Spanish Academy is a Spanish Immersion Preschool that provides an outstanding curriculum with a high level of academic excellence. Our curriculum is a discovery-based learning experience that gives each child the opportunity to move through designed learning centers at his/her ability and interest. The curriculum focuses on learning preschool skills and concepts through hands-on experiences and activities. Our program fosters the intellectual, emotional, and social development of children in a loving and caring environment.

All age groups study the following topics; however, the material taught is suited for each age:
  • Reading & Phonics – Zoo Phonics
  • Mathematics – Expressions in Mathematics
  • Handwriting – Handwriting Without Tears
  • Sequencing & Patterning
  • History & Culture
  • Science (hands on)
  • Memory Development
  • Creative & Independent Thinking
  • Gross Motor & Coordination Development (physical fitness)
  • Art
  • Music
  • Health: Nutrition, Cleanliness, & Food
  • Dramatic & Free Play
  • English (Letters and numbers will also be taught in English to the Pre-K class, so the children will meet and exceed the expectations for kindergarten)