Meet Our Team

The Spanish Academy Teachers

Teacher Qualifications

  • Teachers must be native Spanish speakers.
  • Teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum.
  • Teachers must be CPR certified every two years and have background checks performed.
  • Teachers are required to have 20 hours of continuing education per year in addition to yearly immersion training, Zoo Phonics training and Handwriting without Tears training.

Meet Our Directors

Señora DeShea
Señora DeSheaProgram Director
Señora DeShea is the Program Director of The Spanish Academy. DeShea opened The Spanish Academy in September of 2001. She is a graduate of The University of Georgia with a degree in International Business. She lived in Seville, Spain in 1997. She is married and has three children. Her goal is to create a total immersion environment in which children look forward to coming to school each day while developing a lifelong love of learning and a proficiency in Spanish. She has always had a passion for children and language and loves her job!
Señora Maribel
Señora Maribel Director - Buckhead
Señora Maribel is the Director of The Spanish Academy in Buckhead. She is a native of Mexico and studied at the University of Texas in San Antonio with a major in Communications. She later pursued a Master in International Business and a Master in Business Administration in Madrid, Spain, where she lived for 6 years. She moved back to the USA in 2007 and came to Atlanta with her husband and girls in 2011. She is a strong believer of bilingual immersion and has witnessed first hand through her life experience and through her daughters the many benefits it has to offer. Her middle child is an alumni of The Spanish Academy and her youngest daughter is a current student at the TSA family.
Señora Jocy
Señora JocyDirector - East Cobb
Señora Jocy is from Peru. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education from University of the Sacred Heart in Lima, Peru. She moved to Georgia in 2017 with her husband and two children, however she left her native country more than 10 years ago, to expand her experience in teaching young children in Europe, America and the Middle East. She has a strong passion for teaching and she believes that love and hands-on experience are the best tools for little children to learn.
Señora Verónica
Señora VerónicaDirector - Suwanee
Señora Verónica is an Assistant Director Suwanee and a teacher of 2 and 3 year olds. She from Mexico and has been living in Atlanta since 1995. She has a degree in Business and has been working at The Spanish Academy for 11 years. She feels teaching young children is the most gratifying and fun experience. She has two children of her own and lives in Alpharetta.
Señora Ara
Señora Ara Director - Emory
Señora Ara is from Guadalajara, Mexico and has a degree in Communications. She also holds her Child Development Associate (CDA) Degree certified by the Councilor Professional Recognition from Washington D.C. She has been teaching for 17 years in International Schools. Originally, she was an Early Childhood Educator in her native country for 4 years and later moved to Georgia in 2003 and expanded her experience teaching young children in bilingual programs.

She currently lives in Sandy Springs with her husband and 2 daughters (and a teacup Chihuahua). She truly enjoys working with children and is a strong believer of bilingual immersion and the many benefits it has to offer. Sra. Ara enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, and traveling. She considers herself a happy person, organized and especially loving with children.

A school is only as great as its teachers, and we have the best!

Meet Our Teachers

Señora - Adriana
Señora - Adriana Teacher - Buckhead
Adriana was born in Mexico City. She studied communication with a major in live TV production at Universidad Anáhuac del Norte, Mexico. She got married in 2006 and moved to Atlanta where her two girls were born. One of them is an alumni of The Spanish Academy and the other one is still a student here. She has a lot of passion for the arts, especially cinema, photography and singing. Adriana strongly believes in bilingual immersion education and the extended family (grandparents, uncles, cousins and close friends) as fundamental elements for kids development. She is very excited to join the team this year. Working with children is so much fun!
Señora Ana
Señora AnaTeacher - Emory
Señora Ana is from from Venezuela. She and her 4 year old daughter, arrived in the US in 2016. She has a degree in Communications and she strongly believes that introducing Spanish to children at a young age gives them the opportunity to expand their knowledge.
Señora Adriana
Señora AdrianaTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Adriana is from Caracas,Venezuela and has been living in the USA since 2006. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has been working at The Spanish Academy since 2012. She is married and a mother of two very busy children. She loves teaching children in her native language in a fun, didactic and safe environment!
Señora Alexandra
Señora AlexandraTeacher - Suwanee
Señora Alex is a native New Yorker. She lived in the Dominican Republic for 12 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from the Pontifical University de Madre y Maestra in Santiago, Dominican Republic. While living there, she taught at a private language academy for 5 years before opening her own language center from 2009 until 2011. She has been living in Georgia since 2012. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.
Señora Ari
Señora AriTeacher - Emory
Señora Ari was born and raced in Mexico City. She came to the US in 1996 and lived in North Carolina and then moved to Atlanta in 2016. She had been teaching Italian since 1984, and Spanish in the US since 1999 to students of all ages (children and adults). She has two grown sons, one who is a professor at Georgia Tech and Emory University and another who is an archeologist and anthropologist in NC. She also has two granddaughters, one who is an alum of TSA and another who is just starting—both of them are completely bilingual. Señora Ari, strongly believe that learning multiple languages will enrich and help kids be more successful in life. She also love spending time with her family, traveling everywhere, reading books and cooking.
Señora Anarelys
Señora AnarelysTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Anarelys is from Venezuela. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education, specializing in Biology and Human Health. She has been working for more than 32 years in the field of education and knows that her passion is teaching and helping little children to grow up happy and safe. Señora Anarelys has two grandchildren who are learning and having fun while they learn Spanish from her.
Señora Adriana
Señora AdrianaTeacher - East Cobb
Señora Adriana is from Colombia, she moved to Atlanta in 2005 after living in London. She has a bachelor degree in Production engineer from EAFIT.
She is married with two kids and has been teaching dual immersion programs for a number of years now.
Señora Beatriz
Señora BeatrizTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Beatriz is from Murcia, Spain and has been living in Atlanta since 2014. She has a Bachelor degree in Journalism from Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia and degree in Marketing and Advertising from Universidad de Murcia. She is a married and the mother a daughter. She believes in learning languages at an early age is the best way to achieve a high level of oral proficiency and feels strongly that having fun while learning is key.
Señora Berenice
Señora BereniceTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Berenice is from Merida in southern Mexico. After attending school in Los Angeles, she returned to Merida and taught at Academia Cetec, which is an English language and literature school. Berenice returned to the United States in 2006 and began working with children. After working as a pre-K and kindergarten Spanish teacher, she realized how important it is to learn Spanish at an early age. Outside of work, Berenice enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two children. Although her children are bilingual and study Spanish in school, she values taking them abroad to Mexico several times a year to further develop their language skills. She is still trying to teach her husband Spanish, with less success….
Señora Sandra
Señora Sandra Teacher - Buckhead
Señora Sandra
Señora Carola
Señora CarolaTeacher - Emory
Señora Carola was born and raised in Guadalajara Mexico. She has a B.A. in Art Conservation from the National School of Conservation and Restoration in Mexico City and an M.A. in Anthropology from HUNTER College in New York. She moved to the US in 2004 and lived in New Jersey for 9 years before moving to Atlanta with her husband and 2 sons. She feels strongly about the importance of a bilingual education for children, especially during the early stages of development.
Señora Carola
Señora Carola Teacher - East Cobb
Señora Carola is from Venezuela. She has been married for 17 years and has two sons. She has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Venezuela and a Master in Project Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. She moved to the United States in 2017. Despite Señora Carola’s technical background, small children have always been her passion and she really enjoys working with them. She believes that each child learns at their own pace and that introducing a new language during the toddler years is the perfect time to learn a new language.
Señora Cecilia
Señora Cecilia Teacher - Suwanee
Señora Cecilia was born in Peru, and she graduated with a Law degree, focused on family law. She is a certified Spanish teacher and has a Head Start Program Certification, Children Development Associated (CDA), and Basic Core for child care providers. She moved to Atlanta in 2006 and has 2 children. She has worked for eleven years with children of all ages. She believes each child is special, unique and capable of doing anything if they feel secure and comfortable.
Señora Cristina
Señora CristinaTeacher - Emory
Señora Cristina is from Madrid, Spain, where she studied Business Management & Administration. After working in a law office for three years, she and her husband moved to Stuttgart, Germany, where they lived for two years. During that time, she worked on making her true passion come true–teaching Spanish. Now she and her husband have been living in Sandy Springs since February 2018, and she is extremely happy to find a job that combines her two passions–teaching Spanish and children. She learned German through the method of total immersion, so she strongly believes in the method used at The Spanish Academy and is very excited to form part of the team.

Señora Dany
Señora DanyTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Dany is from Venezuela and she has been living in Atlanta since 2004. She has a degree in Human Resources from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. She is married and love spending time with her husband and two daughters when they are home back from college. She worked as a teacher for 10 years when she lived in Venezuela and she is very excited to get back in a classroom teaching children again which is her true passion.
Señora Engely
Señora EngelyTeacher - Emory
Señora Engely is from Venezuela where she studied and received her Bachelors in Journalism. While studying, she enjoyed working with children as a camp leader,and also serving as a volunteer for non-profit organizations teaching vulnerable children to read and write. She moved to Atlanta in 2014 where she is currently learning English as second language. She loves her job and is passionate about learning new languages which she knows to can open your mind, your world and your heart!
Señora Patty Escalona
Señora Patty Escalona Teacher - Buckhead
Señora Patty is from Mexico. She moved to Atlanta in 2004 and has two sons. Although she studied Business Administration in Puebla, she worked as an English teacher in Gymboree for 3 years. Through this experience she was able to discover her passion for teaching a foreing language to small children. She is very excited to be part of TSA family.
Señora Esthela
Señora Esthela Teacher - Suwanee
Señora Esthela is from Mexico. She has a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education from The University of Monterrey; since her graduation, she has been working with children. She has been living in the United States since 2007 with her family. Señora Esthela truly believes that the benefits of exposing children to a new language are beneficial for their cognitive, communicative and social development.
Señora Erika
Señora ErikaTeacher - Buckhead/Suwanee
Señora Erika is from Mexico, and has been living in the United States since 2008. She started a bachelor degree in business in 1998 and after one year in the business school she realized that her true passion is to work with children. She graduated from the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey campus Chihuahua (ITESM) where she obtained the degree in Montessori Teacher in 2001. She has been working with children since 1996. She is has been married for ten years and has two children. She believes that no matter what pedagogical method or beliefs are use, kids can learn when they feel love and respect.
Señora Florangel
Señora FlorangelTeacher - East Cobb
Sra. Flor is from Cumanà, a coastal town on the eastern part of Venezuela. She studied in a Caribbean island called Margarita, where she studied hospitality which was the prevalent industry. Before having her two children, she worked in the banking industry and after being a stay at home mom for several years, she felt the need to do social work. She was trained as a clown to visit hospitals and bring some laughter and fun times to the the patients in hospitals. This was one of the most fulfilling activities she has ever participated on which left her with a heartwarming experience and memories to last a lifetime.
Flor came to USA in 2016, this academic year 2018-2019 is her first full academic year and she is bursting with excitement at the opportunity to help children learning Spanish.
Señora Gaby
Señora GabyTeacher - Suwanee
Señora Gaby is from Mexico, she studied Business Administration at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla. She moved with her husband and 2 kids to Atlanta in 2011. She is a strong believer that being bilingual is a huge advantage not only to get a good job, but also give the opportunity to know other people and their cultures.
Señora - Gaby
Señora - Gaby Teacher - East Cobb
Señora Ana Gabriela is from Mexico City and moved to Orlando, FL in 2001, where she worked in a preschool with a very hands on education program for seven years. In 2013, she and her family moved to Atlanta. She is a graduate of EBC University in México City with a degree in Accounting. She is a proud mom of three girls and now lives in Roswell with her husband, two youngest daughters, two dogs and one turtle. She is also the proud grandma of two! In addition to teaching, she also loves photography.
She absolutely believes that a bilingual education opens a new world for kids and parents. She is excited about being a part of the Spanish Academy family.
Señora Gaby
Señora GabyTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Gaby is originally from Venezuela. She has a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and a Post graduate certification in Corporate Communication. She lives in Alpharetta with her husband and her two kids. She loves to work with children and teach them her native language with dynamic and fun lessons.
Señora Janet
Señora JanetTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Janet is from Colima, Mexico. She is been living in the United States since 2009.
She lives in West Midtown with her husband and her 4 year old daughter. She has a Bachelor Degree in Social Communication.
She is been a photographer since she was 16 years old. Her true passion is children and family photography.
Innocence in children has always inspired her. Sharing her native language is something
that fills her soul with happiness.
Señora Karin
Señora Karin Teacher - East Cobb
Karin is originally from Guatemala and has been living in the Atlanta area since 2000. She graduated from Universidad Francisco Marroquin with a degree in information systems and received her MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School. After working as a senior consultant, she took a break to take care of her two daughters. She loves having the chance to teach children in Spanish and believes that the key to education is to keep activities and materials interesting and engaging.
Señora Karina
Señora Karina Teacher - Buckhead
Señora Karina is from Caracas-Venezuela and has been living in United States since 2003. She moved to Atlanta in 2006 with a Degree in Human Resources from I.U.T “Antonio Jose de Sucre” in Venezuela. She has been working at The Spanish Academy since 2011 in Buckhead as Assistant Teacher. She Lives in Midtown, with her husband and her 7 years old son and enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Señora Lucía
Señora LucíaTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Lucia is from Logroño, a small city in the North of Spain. She has been living in US since 2015. She has a Bachelor degree in Education from La Universidad de Valladolid.
Her decision to become a teacher was influence by her father, who was an amazing educator. This admiration for him made her follow his steps.
After finishing her college degree in Spain, She moved to the United States to teach Spanish to an American family. That was a big opportunity for her since She could improve her teaching skills and English at the same time.
Working with children of different ages helped her develop different teaching methods and strategies. Her creativity is really useful to design fun and entertaining activities for young children. It is very pleasing to see them enjoying and learning simultaneously.
“It is my goal to combine my experience and knowledge with my ability to learn new things to improve as a professional educator. Teaching is not only a career, it is my passion.”

Señora Ludy
Señora LudyTeacher - East Cobb
Señora Ludy is from Venezuela. She has been married for 13 years and live in Marietta with her husband and two daughters.
In 2002 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education. The reasons why she decided to study the Bachelor’s Degree in pre-school education is because she wanted to be part of the training of children. She enjoyed to be able to teach children and at the same time learned from them as well.
Señora Mariana
Señora MarianaTeacher - Suwanee
Señora Mariana grew up in Mexico and lived there for over 20 years. She and her family moved to Georgia in 2011 and have loved every minute of it! She has two beautiful daughters who love to spend time cooking, playing games, or at the pool. She started her undergraduate degree in Law and after 3 years dedicated her time educating and learning with her daughters. She believes that at a very early age is when students gain confidence and success in working independently towards personal goals, both academic and social.
Señora Maria Manrique
Señora Maria Manrique Teacher - Buckhead
Señora Maria was born and raised in Venezuela; she got married and moved to the USA in 1992. She has four daughters. Even though, she got her degree in Human Resources she has always been involved in education. In 2002, she got her CDA certification and founded an Early Stimulation Center in FL. In 2010, she moved to GA with her family and has been working in different projects. Señora Maria came back to education because she believes children are precious stones waiting to be discovered.
Señora Mary Ray
Señora Mary RayTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Maryray is from Venezuela and she graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor in Social Communication. She lived in Puerto Rico for one year, and she lives since July 2016 in Marietta with her husband and son. She has worked as a volunteer with children 3-5 years old. She loves to work with child and to be able to teach in her mother language, Spanish.
Señora Mary
Señora MaryTeacher - Buckhead
Señora Mary was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She obtained a B.S in Communications, Advertising, and Public Relations. Señora Mary lives in Alpharetta with her husband, two sons and mother. She really enjoys children and loves working with them. In her spare time she likes spending time with her family and friends. She is a true dog lover!
Señora Nayalin
Señora Nayalin Teacher - Emory
Señora Nayalin is from Venezuela and has a 5 yr old daughter. She has a degree in Business Administration. Coming from a big family, she was able to discover her love and passion for working with children.
Señora Nancy
Señora NancyTeacher - Emory
Señora Nancy grew up in Mexico and San Antonio, Tx. She studied at the Universidad del Valle de in Mexico and earned a degree in Fashion Design. She has had 13 years of experience working with children and believes strongly in bilingual immersion education because it opens more doors.
Señora Paola
Señora PaolaTeacher - Emory
Señora Paola is from Maracaibo Venezuela and has been living in USA since 2015. She is a Graphic Designer by profession but teacher by passion.
She loves languages because language gives you social skills, the opportunity to learn about a different culture and most importantly gives you the ability to solve problems easily. My goal is that they learn Spanish while having a good time!
Señora Pia
Señora Pia Teacher - East Cobb
Señora Pia is from Venezuela and moved to Atlanta in 2004. She earned a degree in Preschool Education in Venezuela and upon graduating worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for two years. She has enjoyed the pleasure of working with an American family as a Nanny and Spanish tutor for eight years after coming to the US. Pia is going into her forth year at the Spanish Academy and loves being a preschool teacher! She strongly believes that the preschool age is the perfect age to impact a child’s life in a very positive way!
Señora Rosemary
Señora RosemaryTeacher - East Cobb
Señora Rosemary is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. but has been living in Atlanta Since 2010. She graduated from Instituto Tecnico de Santo Domingo with a degree in psychology with an emphasis in human resources. She currently lives in Marietta, GA with her husband and daughter. She learned English by immersion and knows firsthand the value of this method. She very much enjoys working with children and is very excited to be part of the The Spanish Academy.
Señora Violet
Señora VioletTeacher - Buckhead/Emory
Señora Violet is from Venezuela, and Arab descent. Lawyer by profession for more than 14 years in her country of origin.
Always with a special interest in language education. Being a mother of 2 has allowed her to understand and enjoy teaching Spanish to preschoolers. Simple perfect match!